TASM.EXE File Information (version

TASM.EXE File Information (version - Feb 06th 2016

Are you facing TASM.EXE error message frequently? Do you want to get rid of TASM.EXE which also leads to blue Screen of Death quickly and safely?
What is TASM.EXE?
TASM.EXE is a simple executable file which will be used by the pc to execute the files which are required to run the software applications. If the TASM.EXE files are corrupt or missing it can lead to malfunctioning of the software applications. Windows not responding and others errors can be caused by TASM.EXE if it is corrupt or incorrect version.
Basic facts
File name: TASM.EXE
Category: System process
Affected OS: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
Priority: High
Company: Borland International Inc.
Recommended Action: Scan TASM.EXE Related Errors
An TASM.EXE file is usually located in the system32 folder of the pc. Windows/system32 is the folder where this file is usually executed from. Some of the undetectable spyware may be responsible for the TASM.EXE to occur as they place a similar file having the same name. An uninstallation of the program that is not carried out in the right way can also lead to TASM.EXE errors.
Serious consequences when coming across the error on computer
It can lead to slower system processing.
Programs cannot be activated and used normally.
Often leads to blue screen of death.
System failure or system crash
Windows settings being changed
Reasons that may lead to TASM.EXE error
Registry files being corrupted or deleted.
TASM.EXE files being manipulated or deleted unintentionally
Outdated windows and drivers
Improper uninstallation
Malicious spyware and virus attacks
The security rating is dangerous if you found the file locates in a subfolder of:
"C:\Program Files\TASM.EXE"
"C:\Program Files\Common Files\TASM.EXE"
If TASM.EXE is found in any of the above locations the system is considered to have been virus/spyware attack.
Detecting the virus attack
The computer is considerably slower than usual. The performance of the system has become considerably lower. Self replicating viruses will spread to the system files and consume extra RAM than usual.

Strange error messages popup when programs are opened. The programs are damaged by the virus and easily attacked by the virus.

If the computer gets infected by virus, you’ll probably see that the activity light of your modem is continually lit as virus is capable of transmit malicious data to the computer. Steady load on the hard disk also a known symptom of this attack.
Spyware Infection
Spyware is a latest type of computer threat; spywares can be installed in the computer in wide variety of ways. Once the computer is infected by Spyware your personal information such as online account number, passwords, and credit card numbers from the computer will be collected and sent back to remote server for malicious purpose.
Detecting a Spyware
Strange and unwanted toolbars are added to the web browser
The homepage is altered and pointed to a different website.
Redirecting to unrelated websites.
Constantly receiving popups while surfing the Internet.
Computer runs slower than usual
What is registry?
The registry is a database that consists of configuration options and settings for Windows and your installed programs. TASM.EXE registry entries in the local machine drive will start up for all users of the computer while launching the related program. TASM.EXE errors will occur if the numbers of unrelated or wrong entries get higher.
How to back up Windows registry
Click Start > Run > Type regedit in the Run box and click OK.
Click the File menu, select export.
Select a location to save the backup file.
Rename the backup file.
Click Save.
Now a backup of your Windows registry has been created. If you want to restore the registry, simply go to File > Import, and import the backup file.
Fixing TASM.EXE error manually
Manually fixing the TASM.EXE error can be daunting task for someone who is not so good at computer. This method of fixing the problem needs to investigate all the possible reasons for the error and try all the solutions possible of the problem one by one.
Update your Windows system
Outdated Windows can lead to such errors. Frequent updating of the operating system can fix the errors and other bugs. Keeping the windows updated will be helpful in keeping away these kind of errors.
Uninstalling newly installed program on your computer system
The TASM.EXE error problem often occurs when you newly install a program on your computer, the reason for your computer encountering this error issue after the installation is there are some component of the program are incompatible. To solve this problem the newly installed program needs to be uninstalled and reinstalling software which is compatible with the system.
Guides to uninstall a program:
Step one - click on “Start”, and “Programs”, “Control Panel”, and then “Add/Remove programs”
Step two - it will display a program list, find and locate the program you want to uninstall
Step three - click on the uninstall button
Step four - delete its install folder if it is still on your computer
Step five - check and remove all of its associated registry entries on the Registry Editor
Step six - reboot your computer system
Delete or reinstall the file on your computer
Delete the file on your computer system
If the file is not indispensable on for your computer, you can disable or delete the file on your computer.
Start Registry Editor by clicking the Start button, typing regedit in the Search box, and pressing Enter.
Open the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder ==> “Software” folder ==> “Microsoft” folder==> “Windows” folder ==> “Current version” folder.
Click on the Run folder ==> Click on the TASM.EXE file.
Delete the file by pressing Delete TASM.EXE key
Reinstalling files on your PC
If some files are missing and needs to be replaced, you should always replace the files with the original files and in the default locations.
To easily and safely fix TASM.EXE errors, a good registry error cleaner such as MAX Optimizer will automatically fix the root cause this error.
Step1: Free Download TASM.EXE Repair Tool.
Step2: Follow the on-screen instructions to install the program with ease.
Step3: Click Scan button to diagnose the error on your computer.
Step4: Click Repair button to fix TASM.EXE error and other detected errors in seconds.
It also generates a customized check to look only at TASM.EXE-related errors and delete them. Whenever the error appears, keep the file or program that states the file is having issues up-to-date will take effective measures to minimize the damage of the problems.
System errors are common problems in every computer. In order to maintain the good performance of the system it is necessary to install a registry error fix tool. Failing to do this may lead to frequent errors and will reduce the overall efficiency of the system.